We offer two report types!

Both reports include:

The Expanded report is fully

editable and provides all of

the above plus area per facet.

Grow Your Business

Do more bids:

By creating a preliminary bid before you go out to the property, you'll be able to save time in the field.


Increase your closing rate:

By having us (an independent third party) do the measuring, our accurate reports bring a higher credibility to your estimate.

Reduce Costs

Lower Estimating Costs

There is no such thing as a “Free Estimate” and your time is money. Reduce the time it takes to create an estimate and spend less time on the roof and more time in the living room closing the sale.


Reduce Waste

Eliminate the “guestimate” and dial in the cost and use of materials with consistent and accurate reports.

Limit Liability
Reducing the number of times you have to get on a roof:
•Increases safety
•Lowers risk of injury
•Decreases insurance premiums

Who uses us?



Insurance Adjusters

Insurance Carriers

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