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What information do your reports contain?
ROOFTOP Measurement reports contain the pertinent information needed to complete a typical roof scope. All reports contain:


  • Wire diagram of roof
  • Linear footage measurements
  • Hip and ridge measurements
  • Total square footage
  • Square footage per pitch


 The Expanded report provides all of the above plus area per facet.


 We can even customize your report with your company’s logo or trademarked artwork.
What is your pricing structure?

All of our report options are a low, flat rate. Other companies can make pricing so complicated with tiers and buy-in options. We believe pricing should be simple, easy, and predictable. It’s just $30 for a Standard report and $45 for our fully editable Expanded report. See examples here. Click here.

How quickly can I get a report?

The typical turn-a-round is just one business day. However, should you find yourself in need of a report even quicker -  RUSH delivery is always an option for just $15 and reports are usually available in just a matter of hours.

How do these reports save me time and money?

ROOFTOP Measurement reports streamline your site visits by eliminating the most time-consuming manual step - measuring the roof. With our reports you can spend more time with the customer, do more bids in less time, and sometimes avoid getting on the roof altogether.

If I order a report, do I still need to visit the property?

Yes. It is never recommended that an estimate, scope, or materials list be finalized without physical verification of the roof condition. Items such as roof penetrations, drains, scuppers, conduit, HVAC equipment, or underlayment must be accounted for in person. Furthermore, even though the images we use are the most recent, they may not show or depict a recent change to the construct of your project.

Will I still need to get on the roof?

It depends -  we recommend that you verify all elements of our roof reports. The roof and property will most likely dictate whether you can verify the roof report from the ground.

How accurate are your measurements?

We boast a less than 3% margin of error. Try us out and see for yourself.

Do your reports account for pitch?

YES. We accurately determine the pitch of your project.

What is your guarantee?

Simply put, if not completely satisfied with your report, just let us know and we will refund you the full amount of your report.

Are there volume discounts?

Of Course. Buy 10 reports (a brick) upfront and you'll enjoy a lower price per report. A brick of Standard reports brings the price per report down to just $25!

What is the difference between the reports?
Both reports have total squares and linear footage for hips, ridges, valleys, rakes, and gutters.


  • The Standard report is a printer friendly single page PDF style report.
  • The Expanded report is a fully editable multi-page WORD document.
    • Added report components include:
      • Typical values for waste.
      • Area per field/facet.
  • The Claims report is a roof sketch compatible with Xactimate Claims Software.
Can I edit a report?

With the Expanded report you can. It’s a WORD document so you can add and delete any information. Add photos, resize photos, type out your roof replacement plan or add your materials list. The sky’s the limit with this report.

How do I receive the report?
You will be able to access your report in two ways:


  • Reports are sent via email within one business day.
  • All reports will also be available for 6 months in your account profile
How do I place an order?

Simply click the Order button on the left of the screen or click here

Set up an account and be able to:

  1. Email your orders
  2. Phone in your orders
  3. Text your orders
What if I have a property with multiple buildings?

We recommend that you call us with apartment or business center complexes so we can discuss the details of the project. You can order multiple reports online - just click on the Order button and follow the instructions and steps to order multiple roof reports.

Can you measure gutters or parking lots?

Yes. All of our roof reports will give you total and individual gutter measurements. Additionally, parking lots and other ground measurements can be provided in most instances. Give us a call to discuss your particular project and needs.

Are your reports compatitable with Estimation Software?​

Yes! We offer Xactimate and AutoCAD compatible reports.